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Insights from our summer camp

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  • Writer's pictureKate Dadourian

Why Kids Need Summer Camp

I first discovered the powerful impact of camp when I was 10 years old. Since then, I have had so many different roles at camps ranging from day camps & overnight camps to small & large camps and everything in between. I’ve witnessed the powerful impact of camp at each and every one of these camps. I believe camp is essential for kids, providing them with experiences and opportunities that they may not find anywhere else. Why? Because at camp we…

1.  Grow Our Confidence and Independence

At Camp Rippling Brook, we provide a safe environment that allows campers to step outside of their comfort zone. Whether it’s trying a new activity, meeting new friends, or navigating a team challenge, Camp Rippling Brook helps kids become more independent and self-assured. As they grow in confidence, they gain valuable life skills and learn that they can tackle new challenges.

2.  Develop Social Skills and Make New Friends

In a world that has been impacted greatly by technology, screens, and COVID, Camp Rippling Brook offers a refreshing break. Campers spend their time engaging with others face-to-face, learning how to communicate effectively, collaborate, and build friendships. These interpersonal skills are vital for their overall development and future success.

3.  Generates Connections that Creates a Community

Camp Rippling Brook offers a unique opportunity for kids to choose their activities. This creates connections with those that have similar interests and passions. Through connection, we create a community that has shared interests. The excitement of Camp with themed weeks, spirit days, our team-oriented challenges, and so much more also builds a community that has shared experiences. As a former camper and camp counselor I can recall many shared experiences that I still talk about with my camp community many years later.

4.  Encourage Discovery of New Things and Reignite Passions

By offering a variety of activities at Camp Rippling Brook, we expose campers to new experiences, challenges and activities to help them learn about themselves and the world around them. Whether it's trying a new sport, exploring a creative art form, or delving into nature, these encourage curiosity and independence allowing kids to express themselves and discover new passions. Additionally, revisiting past interests can spark a renewed sense of passion and drive. Camp Rippling Brook provides the perfect setting for kids to grow, explore, and embrace their unique journey!

5.  Build Perseverance, Resilience and Problem-Solving Abilities

Whether navigating a new activity or collaborating on a team challenge, campers learn to adapt and think critically. Overcoming obstacles builds their confidence and teaches them the value of persistence. As they face and conquer new challenges, they develop skills that empower them both at Camp Rippling Brook and beyond. These experiences lay the foundation for lifelong success and personal growth.

6.  Create Lifelong Impacts

The community, connections, and memories made at camp often last a lifetime.  Camp becomes a special place that kids look back on fondly, cherishing the moments spent with friends and role models as well as the adventures and lessons learned along the way.

Summer Camp is so much more than just a break from school or something to fill the void during the summer. It’s an opportunity for growth, exploration, and connection. I can attest to not only the profound impact camp has had on me and my life, but that on the thousands (wow, I’ve been at this a long time…) I have been connected to through camp. By giving the chance to experience camp, we provide children with tools and memories that will stay with them for a lifetime. There is a child for every camp and a camp for every child. I encourage everyone to explore the options and find the perfect camp for your child to embark on this transformative journey.


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