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Want to see what we're all about? Come check us out! Stay tuned for more information regarding events below.


Explore, grow, and belong, all before registering for camp or join us for our camp events throughout the year.

OPEN HOUSES & CAMP DAY - Open to all, no need to schedule or RSVP!


Camp Rippling Brook will have an Open House each month leading up to camp and a Camp Day just before camp begins. With activities, presentations (we love getting questions from campers), s'mores, and more, you'll feel like you already belong! Parents, be warned, you may want to come to camp too!

All Open Houses are from 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.

  • SUNDAY, February 25th​​

  • SATURDAY, March 30th

  • SUNDAY, April 14th

  • SATURDAY, May 11th

CAMP DAY - SATURDAY, JUNE 29th, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm


We'll come to you! Schedule a home visit meet & greet to explore a little of what we offer in the comfort of your own home. This is a great opportunity for those potential campers that are a little wary. Meeting a friendly Rippling Brook face in-person and at home makes the transition easier when coming to a Camp Day & Open House or on the first day of camp.


Please schedule your home visit through our Contact Us information or by giving us a call today. 


Want to visit Camp Rippling Brook but can't make it to one of our Camp Days & Open Houses? That's ok! We'll be happy to take you around camp on a private tour scheduled with a representative of our Rippling Brook family. 

Please schedule your private individualized tour through our Contact Us information or by giving us a call today. 



Ever heard of being campsick? No? It's an intense longing to be back at camp. Afflicted persons may show a variety of symptoms, including melancholy, reminiscence, and attempts to incorporate camp culture, routine, and lingo into their “real world” life. But good news, there's a cure for campsickness - send the afflicted person back to camp!

Look out for events and more details throughout the year! 

  • Camp Family Reunions

  • Family Days

  • Kids Night Out

  • Campfires and S'mores Nights

  • Movies on the Lawn

Please note, some events may have an associated fee and/or require registration in advance.

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