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Choosing a summer camp is hard! Trusting anyone else with your prized possession, your child, is a leap of faith. As a parent the number one concern is always: Is my child safe?


At Camp Rippling Brook, safety and supervision are our top concerns too. 

As a licensed summer camp in the State of Maryland we make every endeavor to manage risk, engage your campers safely, and build trust as your summer camp of choice. Camp Rippling Brook provides a safe location where connections are formed. Connections make a difference. We are not just "staff," we are a part of the Rippling Brook family. This makes all the difference and we are ready to invite your family to join ours. 

All staff are well-trained and caring individuals that represent a diverse population. Before camp begins all staff complete a criminal background check and undergo at least 20 hours of training to be prepared for campers on day one. With staff that are trained in First Aid, AED, and CPR, we also have a health center team that is able to administer medications and health care. Program staff are additionally trained and experienced in their specific areas for the best and safest experience.

But most importantly our camper care and customer service is a top priority which makes our staff great role models.

Camp staff are at least 18 years old or a high school graduate.


Have any specific questions or concerns? Contact us for more information. 

Meet our 2024 Summer Camp Team and stay tuned for more coming soon! 

Interested in joining our Rippling Brook Family? Check out our employment information.

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