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Founder & Director

Kate remembers the days when she was too terrified to go to camp herself. Her first camp

experience was at an overnight camp, she snuck pictures of her family into her pillow so

she could look at them when she was feeling homesick. Let’s just say she wasn’t looking

forward to it. By day two, she found her happy place and her calling.

After five summers as a camper she transitioned to working at camp making her way from junior counselor to coordinator of the leadership programs during her seven summers at Barrie Camp. Diversifying her experience in the camp world saw her work at several more camps over the next few years until she became the Camp Director and then Associate Executive Director/Acting Executive Director at YMCA Camp Letts, an overnight camp in Edgewater, MD. Over five years, Kate helped grow the program and redefined what quality programs looked like at Camp Letts.


Kate has been deeply committed to making her dream of owning a camp a reality since she was young. With a Master’s degree in Camp Administration and Leadership, a Bachelor’s degree in Outdoor Education and Marketing Management, as well as serving as the Professional Development Chair for the American Camp Association (ACA) Chesapeake Region and an ACA Standards Visitor, bettering the world through camp forged a passion as well as a commitment. That same passion and commitment has kept Kate driven in the quest to help make a positive impact in the lives of others.


As mom of a son and daughter, plus a black lab named Luna, she understands the importance of sending your child to a place you can trust. Her family means the world to her and her husband, and she wants to create that same family feel with everyone that comes to Rippling Brook.  


Assistant Director

Ben grew up with fond memories of doing day camps during week-long summer stays at
is grandmother’s home in Ellicott City, MD. He enjoyed taking the opportunity each time
to pursue learning a new skill or creating something new that he could excitedly bring
home to show his parents. He also took advantage of overnight adventures with his dad
camping and rock-climbing all over the DMV, and overnight camp opportunities at Arlington
Echo Outdoor Education Center.


When he started his college studies at UMBC, he knew he wanted to pursue a career in education and found a way to combine his program’s education internships each summer with becoming an overnight camp counselor at YMCA Camp Letts in Edgewater, MD. It took all of two minutes of staff training to know he made a great decision. Throughout his seven summers spent working there, Ben pursued multiple leadership opportunities as ‘crew skipper’ overseeing the counselors of the 10-12 year old boys, ropes course specialist, counselor-in-training director, and day camp director. This is also where he worked with Kate, who encouraged him to lead the team of counselors in care, clarity and challenge to ensure that both campers and counselors got to experience their ‘best summer ever’.


Ben has been committed to working with school-age children as a high school math teacher and his school’s drama company technical director for the past eight years, and is passionate about working with students both in and outside the classroom to help them realize their full potential. With a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction, a background in mathematics and theater (interesting combination indeed), and a strong passion for team-building and creative problem-solving, he is ready to bring his versatile skill set to Camp Rippling Brook to once more make this everyone’s ‘best summer ever’. 


He and his dog Reese welcome you all to the Camp Rippling Brook family.

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2023 Summer Camp Team

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Camp Counselor

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Camp Counselor

2023 Summer Camp Team
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