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KIDS NIGHT OUT - Available for children ages 5-12

You deserve a kid-free night and we're excited to offer one! Sneak in a date night, maybe some shopping, or just relax at home with your kid-free night knowing that we are able to provide a safe place full of joy, laughter, and excitement.

Our Kids Night Out will be located at 17314 New Hampshire Avenue, Ashton, MD 20861 (our Summer Camp location) in the Social Hall. Drop off begins at 6 pm, dinner will be served around 6:30 pm. Activities will begin after dinner and continue until pick up at 9 pm. Much like our Summer Camp activities, we will be offering activities to choose between as well as group activities for everyone to do together. 

Our next Kids Night Out: Stay tuned! We are turning our focus to summer camp but are excited to start our Kids Night Out program back up in the fall. 

Questions? We're happy to answer! Give us a call at 301-852-0909 or send us an email at

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