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Insights from our summer camp

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  • Writer's pictureKate Dadourian

A Camp Director’s Weeks Leading Up to Camp: Like the Joy of the Holidays

2024 camp staff training - team building activity.

As the owner and director of Camp Rippling Brook, I can say without a doubt that the weeks leading up to the start of camp are some of the most exhilarating times of the year. It's a period that rivals the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season, filled with a flurry of preparations, final touches, and the palpable buzz of what's to come.

The Anticipation of Preparation

Just as families eagerly await the holidays, at Camp Rippling Brook, we eagerly anticipate the start of camp. For months, we have been hard at work planning, organizing, and perfecting every detail to ensure that this summer will be an unforgettable experience for our campers. From developing engaging activities and programs to arranging logistics and safety measures, every task brings us one step closer to the moment we have our first camper dropped off for the summer. The sense of accomplishment and pride in seeing our plans come to fruition is akin to wrapping the final present and placing it under the tree – a labor of love that promises joy and excitement.

The Joy of Final Touches

In the weeks leading up to camp, everything starts to come alive. Moving everything into camp, setting up spaces feels like decking the halls. There's a sense of magic in transforming the camp into a vibrant, welcoming place where memories will be made. Every item placed and every activity area set up is a reminder of the adventures and friendships that lie ahead.

The Excitement of Staff Training

One of the most exciting parts of the pre-camp period is staff training. For the first time, we bring together our team of counselors. It's like a family reunion, filled with introductions, bonding activities, and the formation of a close-knit community that will guide and support our campers throughout the summer. Watching the dynamics unfold, seeing new friendships form, and witnessing the passion and dedication of our team is incredibly rewarding. This is our holiday gathering, where laughter, learning, and camaraderie set the tone for the weeks to come.

The Magic of Camp Day

As we draw closer to opening day, the anticipation reaches its peak. Camp day, where families join us for a preview of the camp experience, is a joyous celebration. It's our version of a festive gathering, where parents and campers alike share in the excitement and get a taste of the adventures ahead. The smiles, the questions, the eager glances around the camp – it all adds to the sense of wonder and expectation. Seeing families walk through our camp areas, knowing that soon their children will be making lifelong memories here, fills us with immense pride and joy.

The Big Day: Opening Day of Camp

Finally, the day we've all been waiting for arrives – the first day of camp. The energy is electric as campers arrive, bursting with excitement and a hint of nervousness. It's like waking up on the morning of a much-anticipated holiday, where the air is filled with possibility and the promise of new experiences. Welcoming campers, seeing their faces light up, and knowing that all the hard work, planning, and preparation have led to this moment is truly heartwarming.

Kicking Off the Summer

As the summer kicks off, we dive headfirst into the rhythm of camp life. The laughter, the learning, the adventures, and the bonds that form all make the intense preparation worthwhile. The weeks leading up to camp, much like the buildup to the holidays, are a testament to the power of anticipation, the joy of preparation, and the beauty of shared experiences.

At Camp Rippling Brook, we cherish these moments and the opportunity to create a summer filled with growth, discovery, and happiness for every camper who joins us. Here's to another unforgettable season, brimming with the same excitement and wonder that makes the holidays so special!



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